Its a office flower affair

Today started off normal, your average Wednesday morning, getting ready for work, and looting off to the petrol station to grab a few things before heading to the office and then it happened……

An attractive, twenty something guy walks right up to me hands me a bouquet of roses (stunning mind you) smiles, says have a wonderful day and walks away. Now this totally threw me a curve ball and i stood in the middle of the parking lot grinning like an idiot and thought wow now that just made my day. (ha ha ha until..)


I arrive at work in the best mood and put my flowers on my desk and then it starts….

Now being the youngest employee in my company does me no favours but being single now wow that is a definite attention grabber, most of the others are all married or on their way down the alter except me (i have nothing against this… i just haven’t found the one i want to spend the rest of my days with, well i have but that’s not an option) ok back to the topic at hand, so needless to say me walking in with roses drew a whole lot of attention.

Within 15 minutes of my arrival my beaut of co-worker (also a good friend) decided that i was having a fling with our IT guy and that it was a brilliant idea to send an email to half the company telling them about our little “affair” including my boss…..

But wait it actually gets worse (can you believe it) the IT is coming to the office to set up the new pc’s today!!! at 3pm….

It was decided that my flowers needed some decoration and his name drawn all over the vase (looks quite classic i might say).


So talk about the most awkward afternoon of my life.. the poor guy didn’t know where to hide, the questions just kept coming from all directions “are you married” “when are you two going to have babies” and they just got worse.

We spend most of our lives at work and these people become more than just your co-workers, they become like family so you have to laugh, take in the sheer craziness that they give off and smile.

I do think the IT guy is never going to come back ha ha poor guy.




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