Its been a while.

So i feel like we sort of went through a small breakup, i haven’t posted in a while and i was starting to feel emotional about it.

This is my space to be free.. say what i want, feel how i want and the best of all write what i want without judgment (even if there is i don’t care) lol.

So in the spirit of catching up let me update you on what’s been happening….

Some epic weekends away (definitely look up Sandy Bay Cottages, Mtwalume), relaxation to the fullest, a few concerts where our minds were blown away by Dan Patlanski, Albert Frost and Durban’s very own THE KICKSTANDS!!!!! but maybe the best news yet is a very special girl has finally started to live her dream and there are whispers of a very hot new stylist that maybe taking over Durban. AK has some serious style and Durban has no idea what is going to hit it when she goes viral (watch this space).

“the key to happiness is having a dream, the key to success is making your dreams come true”

Fight to live your dream peeps.


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