The good vs The bad

What is it that makes people want to write and what makes a good writer?

Those are probably two of the hardest questions to answer and let me tell you something there is no right answer, no clear one thing that can answer those questions. Should it matter if there was?

Who gets to decide if you are a good writer or even a great one at that, people write to tell their truth. To say what they feel, to share the things they have created in their minds, tell their dirty little secrets or just to have their voice heard.

But what exactly makes a good writer, is it the way they capture the reader, their distinct style or is simply their use of words. Everyone is different and no two writers will ever be the same but there are definitely some pretty good ones out there.

WHY???? The most important of all, why do you want to be writer, do you want to be the next Jodi Picoult or Tess Gerritsen or do you just enjoy the freedom? What ever your reasons don’t let anyone kill your spirit, just keep writing for yourself.

We are not all James Patterson’s or the next Nicholas Sparks but we have something to say and I would rather be heard than not say anything at all.

I once read that “a writer is simply a photographer of thoughts” and is there a more perfect answer than that, does it need more explanation.

I found this epic blog by Jeff Goins, author of The Art of Work, let me tell you all something, this guy is pretty damn epic! Check out his blog at and let me know what you think.

Here is a link to an article written by the infamous Mr Goins himself giving his opinion on good and bad writers.

The Difference Between Good Writers & Bad Writers


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