The Change


Gone are the days where we jumped into things head first, never pausing to consider the what if’s, what could go wrong, is this really a good life decision, we literally ran to the edge and jumped.

What happened to those crazy, carefree versions of us? Does life just hit a button saying ok shame inhibition is a thing of the past now analyse everything down to it’s finest core.

All we do as grown ups is worry and plan, think about the next step, is this where am i supposed to be in my life, do i need a 5 year plan, where to from here, ah and welcome the Jones, is my car good enough, do i live in the right area, do i have the right brands…. well to hell with the Jones and their brands. We have ruined our spontaneity, literally murdered it.

Now it’s time for the hard stuff…….

How do we fix it? sell all our worldly possessions, pack a backpack and flip a coin? ok so lets not be to dramatic about this. What about a leave of absence from work and going to teach english or hop on a plane and volunteer to help rebuild Hati. Sounds mental expensive but it doesn’t have to be, there is a world of info out there that gives great tips on the best way to do it.

Just imagine, today lunch by the trevi fountain, tomorrow looking out from Rialto Bridge in Venice, then walking through vineyards in Tuscany. The possibilities are endless all we have to do is have faith, walk to the edge and jump into the unknown, take a chance….

Life is a beautiful and a very short adventure that we have on borrowed time so why not make the most of what time we do have and see all the world beauty.

Lets live and not simply exist.


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