The dirty “M” in Christmas


“it’s not what you got that counts, it’s that someone loved you enough to get you something”

What happened to people’s sense of giving, appreciation and god damn humility gone? I will tell you, we have turned into materialist bastards that’s what.

People no longer appreciate the sanctity of Christmas and gift giving, it’s all about the presents. Gone are the days when people were happy to be able to spend a day celebrating with their families and friends, sitting down enjoying a beautiful meal together and just simply being grateful for everything they have and the people that they love.

Now it’s all whose is better than whose, who gets the most expensive gifts, whose house has the most decorations, everything in excess… but that’s the way of the world now. Keeping up with the Jones as they would say, but hells bells people the Jones can’t even afford to keep up with themselves anymore.

No one writes wish lists anymore hoping to at least get one thing off their list oh no now people demand everything on their list. What happened to being happy because someone actually made you a gift heaven forbid you did not get the new Micheal Korr’s watch or Burbury handbag. Kids are actually getting iPad’s for Christmas, freaking iPad’s, way to kill your kids brain cells. I am all for people spoiling each other don’t get me wrong but what about the average joe who is almost killing themselves with worry over this dreaded holiday simply because they cannot afford the same level of presents as the Jones.

It’s very easy to say well you should only buy what you can afford or don’t live above your means but how exactly do you look your child in the eyes and say i am sorry mommy can’t afford to buy you an iPad or when your having Christmas with your friends,exchanging gifts and they open your gift and you get the look. Oh we all know that look, they one where they think oh shame or what a cheap skate. The look of pity.

At the end of the day it shouldn’t matter and quite frankly to me i just don’t care, if you don’t appreciate the fact that someone actually cared about you enough to bother getting you a gift then good luck to you because there are people in this world who are simply happy enough to wake up and spend one more holiday with their loved ones.

It truly is the little things in life that make it all worth while not the crap we collect on the way. So let’s just simply be happy that we get to spend one more Christmas together, celebrate, be merry and most of all be thankful.

I wish all you readers out there the happiest holiday ever and may your days be filled with happiness and love and remember it’s the little things.


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