Coworkers and dating

So it’s really common knowledge that dating your coworkers is a definitely not a good idea but what about dating a coworkers son or daughter? Would that sort of be ok or is that just another disaster waiting to happen…

Is it acceptable to date a coworkers son or daughter and how do we stop it from affecting our working relationship, if that is even possible, or do we just simple turn the other way and hightail it the hell out of the door before anything can possibly go wrong.

So let’s create a scenario…

*Jill (25) starts her new job at a PR company and meets Anna (50 something), Jill and Anna work side by side everyday.

Things are going great at Jill’s new job and one day Anna’s son comes to see her, Sam, now Sam is a rather strapping gentleman (30) and is really taken with Jill. The two become casual acquaintances over time and develop a friendship. Sam approaches Jill and asks her out for dinner, Jill declines as she doesn’t want this progress and affect her working relationship with Anna.

A year later Sam again asks Jill out and finally she says yes, they meet up for a few drinks, end the night casually and going their separate ways. Things start to progress from that night, Jill meets Sam’s friends, he meets her friends and eventually they are spending almost everyday together.

Jill asks Sam not to mention their “relationship” to Anna as she fears it will affect things at the office, Sam agrees but that’s the thing about keeping dirty little secrets, they always manage to wriggle their way out…

Anna is very suspicious (in a good way – we hope) that Sam and Jill are dating. She mentions it to Sam who denies it’s Jill but now Jill is left in limbo, should she tell Anna or should she continue to see Sam without Anna knowing.

Tough little predicament isn’t it. What do you do when the right person finally comes along but being with them might prove to be impossible.

Where should you draw the line at meeting the right person. The heart wants what the heart wants but is it the right thing, how would this scenario change daily life. Surely there is going to be some sort of ripple effect.

Do you do the right thing and walk away or do you explain the best you can and hope it goes well.


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