Coworkers and dating

So it’s really common knowledge that dating your coworkers is a definitely not a good idea but what about dating a coworkers son or daughter? Would that sort of be ok or is that just another disaster waiting to happen…

Is it acceptable to date a coworkers son or daughter and how do we stop it from affecting our working relationship, if that is even possible, or do we just simple turn the other way and hightail it the hell out of the door before anything can possibly go wrong.

So let’s create a scenario…

*Jill (25) starts her new job at a PR company and meets Anna (50 something), Jill and Anna work side by side everyday.

Things are going great at Jill’s new job and one day Anna’s son comes to see her, Sam, now Sam is a rather strapping gentleman (30) and is really taken with Jill. The two become casual acquaintances over time and develop a friendship. Sam approaches Jill and asks her out for dinner, Jill declines as she doesn’t want this progress and affect her working relationship with Anna.

A year later Sam again asks Jill out and finally she says yes, they meet up for a few drinks, end the night casually and going their separate ways. Things start to progress from that night, Jill meets Sam’s friends, he meets her friends and eventually they are spending almost everyday together.

Jill asks Sam not to mention their “relationship” to Anna as she fears it will affect things at the office, Sam agrees but that’s the thing about keeping dirty little secrets, they always manage to wriggle their way out…

Anna is very suspicious (in a good way – we hope) that Sam and Jill are dating. She mentions it to Sam who denies it’s Jill but now Jill is left in limbo, should she tell Anna or should she continue to see Sam without Anna knowing.

Tough little predicament isn’t it. What do you do when the right person finally comes along but being with them might prove to be impossible.

Where should you draw the line at meeting the right person. The heart wants what the heart wants but is it the right thing, how would this scenario change daily life. Surely there is going to be some sort of ripple effect.

Do you do the right thing and walk away or do you explain the best you can and hope it goes well.

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The dirty “M” in Christmas


“it’s not what you got that counts, it’s that someone loved you enough to get you something”

What happened to people’s sense of giving, appreciation and god damn humility gone? I will tell you, we have turned into materialist bastards that’s what.

People no longer appreciate the sanctity of Christmas and gift giving, it’s all about the presents. Gone are the days when people were happy to be able to spend a day celebrating with their families and friends, sitting down enjoying a beautiful meal together and just simply being grateful for everything they have and the people that they love.

Now it’s all whose is better than whose, who gets the most expensive gifts, whose house has the most decorations, everything in excess… but that’s the way of the world now. Keeping up with the Jones as they would say, but hells bells people the Jones can’t even afford to keep up with themselves anymore.

No one writes wish lists anymore hoping to at least get one thing off their list oh no now people demand everything on their list. What happened to being happy because someone actually made you a gift heaven forbid you did not get the new Micheal Korr’s watch or Burbury handbag. Kids are actually getting iPad’s for Christmas, freaking iPad’s, way to kill your kids brain cells. I am all for people spoiling each other don’t get me wrong but what about the average joe who is almost killing themselves with worry over this dreaded holiday simply because they cannot afford the same level of presents as the Jones.

It’s very easy to say well you should only buy what you can afford or don’t live above your means but how exactly do you look your child in the eyes and say i am sorry mommy can’t afford to buy you an iPad or when your having Christmas with your friends,exchanging gifts and they open your gift and you get the look. Oh we all know that look, they one where they think oh shame or what a cheap skate. The look of pity.

At the end of the day it shouldn’t matter and quite frankly to me i just don’t care, if you don’t appreciate the fact that someone actually cared about you enough to bother getting you a gift then good luck to you because there are people in this world who are simply happy enough to wake up and spend one more holiday with their loved ones.

It truly is the little things in life that make it all worth while not the crap we collect on the way. So let’s just simply be happy that we get to spend one more Christmas together, celebrate, be merry and most of all be thankful.

I wish all you readers out there the happiest holiday ever and may your days be filled with happiness and love and remember it’s the little things.

The Change


Gone are the days where we jumped into things head first, never pausing to consider the what if’s, what could go wrong, is this really a good life decision, we literally ran to the edge and jumped.

What happened to those crazy, carefree versions of us? Does life just hit a button saying ok shame inhibition is a thing of the past now analyse everything down to it’s finest core.

All we do as grown ups is worry and plan, think about the next step, is this where am i supposed to be in my life, do i need a 5 year plan, where to from here, ah and welcome the Jones, is my car good enough, do i live in the right area, do i have the right brands…. well to hell with the Jones and their brands. We have ruined our spontaneity, literally murdered it.

Now it’s time for the hard stuff…….

How do we fix it? sell all our worldly possessions, pack a backpack and flip a coin? ok so lets not be to dramatic about this. What about a leave of absence from work and going to teach english or hop on a plane and volunteer to help rebuild Hati. Sounds mental expensive but it doesn’t have to be, there is a world of info out there that gives great tips on the best way to do it.

Just imagine, today lunch by the trevi fountain, tomorrow looking out from Rialto Bridge in Venice, then walking through vineyards in Tuscany. The possibilities are endless all we have to do is have faith, walk to the edge and jump into the unknown, take a chance….

Life is a beautiful and a very short adventure that we have on borrowed time so why not make the most of what time we do have and see all the world beauty.

Lets live and not simply exist.

The good vs The bad

What is it that makes people want to write and what makes a good writer?

Those are probably two of the hardest questions to answer and let me tell you something there is no right answer, no clear one thing that can answer those questions. Should it matter if there was?

Who gets to decide if you are a good writer or even a great one at that, people write to tell their truth. To say what they feel, to share the things they have created in their minds, tell their dirty little secrets or just to have their voice heard.

But what exactly makes a good writer, is it the way they capture the reader, their distinct style or is simply their use of words. Everyone is different and no two writers will ever be the same but there are definitely some pretty good ones out there.

WHY???? The most important of all, why do you want to be writer, do you want to be the next Jodi Picoult or Tess Gerritsen or do you just enjoy the freedom? What ever your reasons don’t let anyone kill your spirit, just keep writing for yourself.

We are not all James Patterson’s or the next Nicholas Sparks but we have something to say and I would rather be heard than not say anything at all.

I once read that “a writer is simply a photographer of thoughts” and is there a more perfect answer than that, does it need more explanation.

I found this epic blog by Jeff Goins, author of The Art of Work, let me tell you all something, this guy is pretty damn epic! Check out his blog at and let me know what you think.

Here is a link to an article written by the infamous Mr Goins himself giving his opinion on good and bad writers.

The Difference Between Good Writers & Bad Writers

Its been a while.

So i feel like we sort of went through a small breakup, i haven’t posted in a while and i was starting to feel emotional about it.

This is my space to be free.. say what i want, feel how i want and the best of all write what i want without judgment (even if there is i don’t care) lol.

So in the spirit of catching up let me update you on what’s been happening….

Some epic weekends away (definitely look up Sandy Bay Cottages, Mtwalume), relaxation to the fullest, a few concerts where our minds were blown away by Dan Patlanski, Albert Frost and Durban’s very own THE KICKSTANDS!!!!! but maybe the best news yet is a very special girl has finally started to live her dream and there are whispers of a very hot new stylist that maybe taking over Durban. AK has some serious style and Durban has no idea what is going to hit it when she goes viral (watch this space).

“the key to happiness is having a dream, the key to success is making your dreams come true”

Fight to live your dream peeps.